Pretty maids all in a row


3 thoughts on “Pretty maids all in a row

  1. Takes me back to the days of my yesteryears! I remember on rainy days sitting at the dining table with a roaring fire place, mommy making my sisters and I hot coco and marshmallows, the show tunes playing in the background as we all so delicately cut out our paper dolls….

    Yes that’s how I remember it!

    **ps whoever cut those out, definitely has an eye for craftsmanship!!!

  2. Oh Yes , Don’t you recall when Marmee would arrive home after a day of nursing that awful Hummel family and you would fetch her slippers. We all had such a gay time listening to her account of the day.

  3. Oh yes I do remember fetching her feather lined beautiful delicate pink slippers that paled in beauty alongside her ever so ladylike & comely feet! I would place them on her beautiful hard working soles, as you would draw her bath and freshen her night linens….

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